Workshop by Eva Chan: Lemon Passionfruit & Chestnut Pound Cake & Fleur de Sel Caramelized Hazelnut Cookie 檸檬熱情果磅蛋糕 & 栗子磅蛋糕 及 鹽之花焦糖榛子曲奇

$ 850

Guest Chef – Eva Chan

Duration & workshops schedule:
3.5 hours

2019-10-02 (Wed, afternoon) 12:30pm Full
2019-10-02 (Wed, night) 6:30pm Full
2019-10-08 (Tue, afternoon) 12:30pm Full
2019-10-08 (Tue, night) 6:30pm Full
2019-10-09 (Wed) 6:30pm Full
2019-10-19 (Sat) 10am Full
2019-10-15 (Tue) 6:30pm Full
2019-10-20 (Sun) 10am Full
2019-10-27 (Sun) 3:30pm Full
2019-10-29 (Tue) 6:30pm Full
2019-11-02 (Sat) 3:30pm Full
2019-11-10 (Sun) 3:30pm Full
2019-11-13 (Wed) 6:30pm Full
2019-11-13 (Wed) 12:30pm Full
2019-11-16 (Sat) 10am Full
2019-11-17 (Sun) 3:30pm Full

This class is best for experienced bakers.
這是Experienced 程度的課堂,適合熟悉蛋糕製作的朋友。


Guest Chef Workshop : Eva Chan
Lemon Passionfruit & Chestnut Pound Cake &
Fleur de Sel Caramelized Hazelnut Cookie
檸檬熱情果磅蛋糕 & 栗子磅蛋糕

This class will show you how to make modern moist pound cakes in two creative flavors – chestnut & passionfruit lemon.
Eva will also demonstrate a soft cookie -“Fleur de sel caramelized hazelnut”, a great treat for tea party or holiday gift.

創新地加入兩種獨特風格的材料 —豐富果香的熱情果和檸檬及香濃的栗子,讓你重新愛上這款經典的常温蛋糕。


This class is best for experienced bakers.
這是Experienced 程度的課堂,適合熟悉蛋糕製作的朋友

*Depending on the progress of the class, selected steps might be proceeded by participants as team or demonstrated by Instructor

8-10 participants

2pcs 8” Slim Pound Cake & 5pcs soft cookies / participant
每人可帶走 1條約 8吋長條栗子蛋糕、1條約8吋長條熱情果檸檬蛋糕及 5片曲奇

3.5 hours

Eva Chan @ Playground Baking Factory

料理研究家 | 甜品烘焙導師
Food Enthusiast | Baking & Pastry Instructor

Founder of Playground Baking Factory & Butteroom Bakery in Eslite Bookstore@TST, and Pastry Instructor of a variety of baking classes. Eva is passionate about creating visually stunning and delicious pastries, advocating the beauty of food and the art of cooking. She has conducted several practical tutorials with local medias including U Magazine, Eat & Travel, HK Economic Times etc and create featured recipes for HK Yahoo. Eva is the author of cookbook – “It’s Tea Time!” and “No-bake desserts”. She has also cooperated with a lot of companies including BOSCH, Tumi, L’occitane, Mazola & Lee Fa Yuen etc.

畢業於英國藍帶廚藝學院並創立 Playground Baking Factory及於尖沙咀誠品開始Butteroom Bakery出售精緻手工曲奇及蛋糕,同時教授各式甜品課程。擅長各式甜品創作,希望改變甜品只得外觀沒有內涵的觀念。曾為 U Magazine、經濟日報及飲食男女等傳媒提供食譜示範及為 Yahoo為食家創作專題食譜,已出版甜品食譜書「午後的美味時光」及「升級免焗甜品」。亦曾與多家大型企業合作,包括為 BOSCH、Tumi、L’occitane、Mazola 及梨花園等作甜品創作示範及舉辦各式課程。

Playground Baking Factory


Remarks: Confirmed bookings may not be cancelled or changed. However, bookings are freely transferable for the same workshop, thus you are welcome to send someone else in your place. There is minimum number apply to run workshops. If it is not met, the workshop will be cancelled. At least 48 hours’ notice via phone / email will be given and a choice of rescheduling or a full refund will be offered.
備註: 所有已確認的報名均不可更改及取消。如你不能出席,你可以邀請你的朋友出席以代替你的位置,並儘早通知我們以作安排。每個課堂均有最少人數的要求,在極少的情況下,如果不達到最少人數,課堂將會被取消。我們將通過電話/電子郵件於至少48小時通知你,並提供重新安排或全額退款。

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