Workshop by Fiona Kwok: Chocolate Slabs 香橙焦糖果仁朱古力塊及朱古力漬果條

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Workshop by Fiona Kwok

Duration & workshops schedule:
3 – 3.5 hours

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Workshop by Fiona Kwok
Chocolate Slabs

It will be a great hands-on experience where you will learn the art of tempering chocolate to perfection. With a dazzling appearance and a silky smooth texture, our carefully crafted chocolates are truly a treat for the senses. You will discover simple and highly effective chocolate tempering techniques, and then use this skill to create two 700g blocks of chocolate slabs, exploring the delightful combination of caramelized nuts with a hint of orange-infused dark chocolate. Take a step further by sharing the Confit technique to infuse fresh orange peels with incredible flavors. Together, we will master the art of dipping, creating 3 different flavors of chocolate-dipped fruit bars: ginger, orange, and lemon. Imagine the joy on the faces of your loved ones as they receive these meticulously crafted chocolates during the festive season. Join us and become a master chocolatier, delighting others with your thoughtfully made creations.


Depending on the progress of the class, selected steps might be proceeded by participants as team or demonstrated by Instructor

~10 participants per class
小班教學約 10人

Adults Class

2 Chocolate slabs + ~30 Chocolate fruit bars / participant
每人可帶走 :
2 塊朱古力 + 30 朱古力漬果條

3 – 3.5 hours

Language: Cantonese

Fiona Kwok

Fiona has over 20 years of management experience in financial sector, having previously appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer for an international insurance company.  Despite her extensive background in finance, Fiona has remained passionate about cooking and pastry-making, and has dedicated recent years to pursuing her culinary interests.  She has completed Diploma courses in both culinary arts and pastry at the Institute Disciples Escoffier, earning the ‘Outstanding Student Award’ for both courses.  Additionally, she was crowned champion in the academy’s ‘Best of the Best’ competition and has been invited to serve as a Tutor in Town Gas Cooking Centre.

Fiona 曾在國際保險公司任職市場營運總監,於金融機構有超過20多年的管理經驗,但不減對烹飪的熱誠,近年積極研修烹飪及甜點,於 Institute Disciples Escoffier 修畢「烹飪藝術」及「糕餅藝術」文憑課程,並皆獲兩個課程之「優秀學生獎」,其後在學院內的「Best of the Best」比賽中更獲得冠軍,亦獲邀為煤氣烹飪中心擔任導師。


Remarks: Confirmed bookings may not be cancelled or changed. However, bookings are freely transferable for the same workshop, thus you are welcome to send someone else in your place. All classes are for adults only. There is minimum number apply to run workshops. If it is not met, the workshop will be cancelled. At least 48 hours’ notice via phone / email will be given and a choice of rescheduling or a full refund will be offered.
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