Workshop by Ginny Choy: Petite Danish Twist 酥皮扭紋條

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Duration & workshops schedule:
~ 3.5 hours

This class is best for experienced bakers. Adults class.
這是Experienced 程度的課堂,適合熟悉手作麵包的朋友。成人課程。

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Workshop by Ginny Choy
Petite Danish Twist

A cute but gorgeous puff pastry twist giving the excellent aroma of French butter between the crispy layers, filled with either a fine light layer of red bean paste or appetizing Japanese-style curry paste.  This simple yet flavourful Danish Twist will surely delight your appetite.

看上去既有鮮明的層次,出爐時散發著令人滿足的牛油香氣 ,又有鬆脆的口感,而且用不同的餡料,可做出兩款紅豆或日式咖哩的酥皮扭紋條。

Japanes Red Bean Flavour
~ ~ ~
Japanese Curry Flavour

Learn from raw material to machine mixing, fermentation, shaping and baking.

Machine mixing lesson, 2 students use one kitchen machine

Depending on the progress of the class, selected steps might be proceeded by participants as team or demonstrated by Instructor

This class is best for experienced bakers.
這是Experienced 程度的課堂,適合熟悉手作麵包的朋友。

Approx. 8 participants per class
小班教學 約 8人

Approx. 10 breads / participant
每人可帶走約 10 個麵包

~ 3.5 hours

Ginny Choy

Graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo with the Diploma in Boulangerie. Ginny is also a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing, Higher Diploma in Nutrition, and Certificate in Sports Nutrition. With her passion in bread making, Ginny left the desk of a multinational enterprise and pursued her professional bakery career in a well-known Japanese bakery’s Hong Kong branch.  Currently, Since 2017, Ginny has become a full-time bread course instructor to continue her sharing in bread-making knowledge and experience in artisan European and Japanese breads with her practical experience in professional bakery and passion. Ginny published her first cookbook in 2021.

畢業於法國藍帶國際厨藝學院 (日本東京分校) 之烘焙文憑課程 (Diploma in Boulangerie)。Ginny 持有商業管理及市場學士學位,營養學高級文憑及運動營養學證書。曾任職跨國企業,及後於日本著名麵包店之香港分店負責麵包製作。2017年開始成為全職烘焙導師,以專業麵包製作的經驗、教授麵包課的熱誠,與大家分享手作歐式及日式麵包麵包的知識和經驗。於2021年更出版麵包食譜書《麵包主義》,繼續推廣手作麵包。


Remarks: Confirmed bookings may not be cancelled or changed. However, bookings are freely transferable for the same workshop, thus you are welcome to send someone else in your place. All classes are for adults only. There is minimum number apply to run workshops. If it is not met, the workshop will be cancelled. At least 48 hours’ notice via phone / email will be given and a choice of rescheduling or a full refund will be offered.

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