Quiche 法式鹹批

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Workshop by Phoebe Avila
Salmon Broccoli Quiche + Spinach Chicken Quiche
三文魚西蘭花鹹批 + 菠菜雞肉鹹批

Duration & workshops schedule:
~4 hours

Adults class

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Workshop by Phoebe Avila
Quiche (Salmon Broccoli Quiche + Spinach Chicken Quiche)
法式鹹批 (三文魚西蘭花鹹批 + 菠菜雞肉鹹批)

One of the most beloved classic French savoury pie, the history of Quiche in France dates back in the 1800s, where families baked pastry dough with milk, cream, cheese, seafoods and vegetables to give rise to a crispy savoury pie. You will be making two flavours – Salmon Broccoli Quiche and Spinach Chicken Quiche.  With the proper techniques, this simple yet flavourful savoury pie is sure to delight the senses of your family.

Quiche 法式鹹批,一款適合在家烘焙的點心,製作簡單但可以搭配出無限變化。無論在家宴客、派對或想要一頓簡單的午餐時,它總會出現在菜單之中。Quiche 著重批皮酥鬆,蛋奶餡口感軟嫩,加上頂部的芝士焦香,配搭課堂上製作的兩款香濃內餡 : 鮮嫩入味的三文魚西蘭花,經典配搭的菠菜雞肉,轉眼間就可做出香味四溢的法式點心。

Depending on the progress of the class, selected steps might be proceeded by participants as team or demonstrated by Instructor

This class is best for experienced bakers.
這是Experienced 程度的課堂,適合熟悉手作甜點的朋友。

~10 participants per class
小班教學約 10人

Adults Class

2 pieces (~7″) / participant

~ 4 hours

Language: Cantonese

Phoebe Avila

Graduated from Tokyo Belle Époque College of Confectionery and Culinary with the Diploma in Patissier. Phoebe is also a qualified Confectionery Hygiene Master in Japan. The years of patisserie course equipped Phoebe not only with the fluency in Japanese language, but also the Japanese culture of cake and desserts. In recent years, Phoebe has worked at a prestigious American-based fine cake patisseries and an iconic Hong Kong based bakery to further intensify her skills on technical training and professional recipe designs. With an unstoppable passion in patisserie, she keeps further honing her skills from various Master Chefs overseas.

畢業於東京ベルエポック製菓調理専門学校 ( Tokyo Belle Époque College of Confectionery and Culinary )的二年制甜品師文憑課程,主修甜點制作及營養科學,並且為合資格之日本製菓衛生師。多年的日本留學生活,除令Phoebe 能操流利日語外,更深入了解日本的甜品製作文化。回港後繼續醉心於甜點制作,多年來任職於美國著名精品甜點蛋糕店及香港著名甜品糕點品牌,負責員工技術培訓、食譜設計,及蛋糕製作,及赴外國深造更多種蛋糕制作技術。


Remarks: Confirmed bookings may not be cancelled or changed. However, bookings are freely transferable for the same workshop, thus you are welcome to send someone else in your place. All classes are for adults only. There is minimum number apply to run workshops. If it is not met, the workshop will be cancelled. At least 48 hours’ notice via phone / email will be given and a choice of rescheduling or a full refund will be offered.
備註: 所有已確認的報名均不可更改及取消。如你不能出席,你可以邀請你的朋友出席以代替你的位置,並儘早通知我們以作安排。所有課堂為均成年人課堂。每個課堂均有最少人數的要求,在極少的情況下,如果不達到最少人數,課堂將會被取消。我們將通過電話/電子郵件於至少48小時通知你,並提供重新安排或全額退款。

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